Dear Love, Please Stay.
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Anastacia Welcome To My Truth (via bitch-dont-try-me-i-am-rhenna)

(via onefreakinyourlife)

Sentimental days
In a misty clouded haze
Of a memory that now feels untrue
I used to feel disguised
Now I leave the mask behind
Painting pictures that aren’t so blue
The pages I’ve turned are the lessons I’ve learned

Somebody bring up the lights I want you to see
(Don’t You Feel Sorry For Me)
My life turned around
But I’m still living my dreams
(Yes it’s true I’ve been)
I’ve been through it all
Hit about a million walls
Welcome to my truth.. I still love
Welcome to my truth.. I still love

Left outside alone - Anastacia (via fantasywithoutmeaning)

(via onefreakinyourlife)

Left broken empty in despair, wanna breathe can’t find air.
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